Why Is The Atocha Star Emerald so Valuable?

There are a number of reasons why Atocha emeralds have such exceptional value.  Typically an emerald is valued solely on it gemological characteristic’s.  An Atocha Emerald has several significant factors that make it different and therefore uniquely more valuable.  Unfortunately, a typical geologist is qualified to determine the value of a gem but is not qualified to interpret its historic value.

A perfect example of historic valuation is a lump of coal from the Titanic.  The coal itself has virtually no intrinsic value but once it has been authenticated as having come from the Titanic it immediately becomes a valuable historic artifact and has a significant value.  These lumps of valueless coal have been sold for thousands of dollars.

Atocha Emeralds were mined in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s.  They are from the world’s greatest emerald mine.  Muzo has consistently produced some of the world’s finest emeralds.  Atocha Emeralds were recovered from one of the most famous treasure wrecks in history and are authenticated as genuine Atocha Emeralds only after “Adjudication of Ownership” by the Federal District Courts. Collectibles have an excellent history of appreciation in value.  The greater the rarity of the collectable, the faster it will grow in value.  Atocha Emeralds are extremely rare and as such should appreciate significantly over the years just as the coins and other artifacts that have been recovered from the Atocha have.

Manuel Marcial de Gomar, an emerald expert in Key West recently said, “the Atocha Emeralds are the rarest in the world because they had to be found twice.  Once in the original mining process and the second time by Mel Fisher in his historic discovery of the Atocha.  Finding an emerald on the bottom of the ocean underneath ten feet of sand makes finding a needle in a haystack an easy job.”

An emerald is an emerald, but an Atocha Emerald is a part of history that will give you a lifetime of pride of ownership.  There is no other emerald like it in the world.  Your emerald has a story to tell that has intrigued and fascinated millions of people around the world for more than a decade!

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