Atocha Star Emerald Specifics


Quality Analysis

Valuation Report


1A:          Gem fine rough emerald including rough determined to have collector status by virtue of having unusual or highly perfected crystal structures.
1AA:       Rough having the qualities of 1A but sized in excess of 3 carats.
1B:          Gem quality rough, having good color, brilliance, and suitable for faceting.
1C:          Dark color but cloudy, or brilliant but light in color, better than commercial grade, or gem quality rough smaller than 0.50 carat.
2A:          Commercial grade rough, paler color, less crystal quality, poorer than median Atocha emeralds.
2B:          Lowest quality ‘moralla’grade, some crystallization, rough emerald.
2C:          Less than ‘moralla’ grade rough emerald.

Some important facts about emeralds:All natural emeralds contain naturally occurring inclusions of liquids, solids, and gases known as single, double or triple phase inclusions. These are not to be confused with flaws, which are actual fractures or cleavage planes. The “jardin”, also known as the “garden’, is nature’s handwriting, a signature of genuineness in the emerald. Also typical is the irregularity of facets. It may be said then that what is a defect in a diamond, is more of a virtue in an emerald. It is also common to “oil” emeralds to enhance their appearance, usually done as a post-lapidary process in the country of origin. This is acceptable in the gem industry as long as no coloring agents are used and is disclosed. Untreated emeralds, like other gems such as diamonds and rubies, fetch a premium on the market, and are actually one of the least treated and enhanced of the gemstone families when compared to radiation, laser drilling, glass filling, beryllium coating, heating and other treatments typically performed on other gemstones. On the Mohs Hardness scale of 1 to 10, the emerald has a hardness of 7 1/2 to 8 and will cut glass and steel. Emeralds are geologically far rarer than diamonds. Emeralds over 1 carat in gem quality grade are considered to be large. Typically, from 50% to 85% of the weight is lost in the lapidary process


Item:                        A loose gemstone said to be from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha galleon.

Species:                   Beryl

Emerald(s):          Natural (BE3 AL2 SI6 O18)

Muzo mine, Colombia

Certificate of Authenticity Issued by:
Mel Fisher’s Treasures LLC – # 84A-E297.

Grade:                     Gem fine

Quantity:                1

1AA – (Emeralds International, LLC grading system)

         L 14.99mm X W 12.38mm X D 9.19mm

                  Emerald cut – modern style

                 12.72 carats – original rough weight 25.87 carats

Moh’s hardness:  7.5-8

                         Green (slight blue tint)

                 Slightly Dark



            Light, 3 Phase

Clarity Enhancement:

Crystal formation (rough):  N/A


Item details:  a loose natural Colombian emerald cut emerald named the ‘Atocha Star’, featured in the Maltese Eagle statue.

Comments: We have attempted to represent the item as accurately as possible in the photo; however, slight variations in color are inevitable. Digital photography does not capture the true quality and characteristics of gemstones. Image is not to scale. A recent transaction at Sotheby’s for a similar size and quality emerald garnered a price well in excess of $100,000.00 per carat for a non-treasure emerald.

Estimated Replacement Value: $4,800,000.00 (Four million eight hundred thousand dollars)

NOTICE TO THE CUSTOMER: You should not expect to be able to sell the article(s) for these amounts. We do not promise to buy the article(s) from you at the Valuation amount or any other price or value. Our sales and Valuations are never made subject to third party appraisals. This Report contains eight (8) pages and is valid only in its entirety and for the person to whom it is issued.

Respectfully submitted this 27th day of June, 2014


Manuel J. Marcial, Founder/Appriaser

Carl A. Schutze, Appraiser


Prepared for:      Ron Shore                                                                                            Report#:14-37
PO Box 2593, Sumas, WA 98295

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