Eagle Specifics

The following description is of “The Maltese Eagle” a statue created by Kevin Peters. The statue is a custom and hand-made free standing Eagle, crafted in 18kt white gold, 14kt white gold, 14kt yellow gold and 10kt yellow gold.  The statue measures approx. 26 cm x 10cm. The piece took in excess of 4000 hours to create.

The Eagle’s head is made in a three dimensional design and shows fine detail.

The head is made in 18kt white gold and measures 82 x 70 mm. The Eagle has a 14kt yellow gold beak and the entire 18kt white gold surface of the head carries a rhodium finish and is pave set with a total of:
a.Seven hundred and sixty three (763) round brilliant cut diamonds, weighed loose prior to setting. The total weight of the diamonds is 53.66 carats. The majority of the diamonds are approx. 0.07 carat each, but the diamonds range in diameter from 1mm to 2.56 mm.

Graded mounted:
clarity             VVS 2
colour             E – F
cut                   very good

The eyes of the eagle are bezel set in white gold with:

b. One (1) pear shaped brilliant cut diamond, accompanied by GIA certificate number 16900172, dated March 10, 2008.  The diamond is described as follows:

Weight                                      : 1.11 carat

Measurements                      : 8.87 x 5.87 x 3.58 mm.

Clarity                                      : VS 1

Colour                                      : E

Cut and proportions          : good

Total depth %                       : 61 %

Table size %                          : 64%

Polish                                      : very good

Symmetry                             : good

c. One (1) pear shaped brilliant cut diamond, accompanied by GIA certificate number 16900164, dated March 10, 2008.  The diamond is described as follows:

Weight                                    : 1.04 carat

Measurements                    : 8.82 x 5.83 x 3.58 mm.

Clarity                                    : VS 1

Colour                                    : D

Cut and proportions         : good

Total depth %                      : 61.40 %

Table size %                         : 59%

Polish                                     : very good

Symmetry                            : good

The head itself has a weight of approx. 500 grams and is well made and finished.

The body of the EAGLE is made in a three dimensional design and is made in 14kt yellow gold. The body shows fine detail of chased and textured feathers, with bright cut outlines on the feathers.  The body of the Eagle weighs approx. 4865 grams. The measurements of the body itself are approx. 10 x 14.20 cm.

The 14kt white gold tail feathers measure 60 x 55 mm and have a weight of approx. 127.20 grams.  The white gold feathers have a chiseled finish with diamond cut accents.

The EAGLE stands atop of  “Joy’s Rock”, which is made in 14kt yellow gold.  The rock has an overall textured finish and is accented by smaller rocks, positioned in water, with the water having a ripple like texture.

The base of the EAGLE is made in 10kt yellow gold and is made in a round shaped design, with a diameter of 12.20 cm.  The base has a tiered design, with an overall polished finish and satin textured ribbon along the top.  The base weighs approx. 2625 grams.The base has a black felt backing.

“Joy’s Rock” houses a yellow gold bezel setting which holds:

The “Atocha Star” Emerald, weighed loose prior to setting, weighing 12.72 carats, with a precut weight of 25.87 carats. The Emerald was examined and documented by Manuel J. Marcial, of Emeralds International LLC.

The ATOCHA STAR Emerald was appraised in detail and a report by Emeralds International LLC was issued.  The report is available for your inspection.

The Eagle has a weight of 18 lbs, including the 10kt yellow gold internal assembly components.

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