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The Birds of a Feather Event in San Francisco Sept 14, 2012


Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) May 17, 2012
$1 Million Dollar Treasure Hunt Making a Difference in Breast Cancer Research


Roger Lintott of London England is the first of many winners in a real million dollar treasure hunt which seeks to raise $25 million for breast cancer research. Roger Lintott arrives today to receive the first of 12 Solid Silver Eagles valued at more than $37,000. He is in line with all readers of the book The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt: Quest for the Golden Eagle to win the Grand Prize of $1 million. The inspiration to raise funds for breast cancer research came when the authors’ sister in law gave birth to his niece and died 2 days later from breast cancer.


Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt announced today that the first of more than a million dollars in prizes is being awarded today in Seattle to a reader from London England for correctly solving the first of 12 chapters in an amazing million dollar treasure hunt to raise money for breast cancer research.

Roger Lintott 62, from London England was the first person to correctly answer the clues in Chapter 1, a story based on the DB Cooper hijacking in Seattle in 1971.

The international million dollar treasure hunt book was started by the author, Ron Shore when he was faced with the tragic death of Gaby, his sister in law, to breast cancer just two days after giving birth to his niece. He decided to make a difference, by investing his life savings with the goal of raising $25 million dollars towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Shore explained; “The loss of my sister in law to breast cancer motivated me in a very profound way. With my niece now growing up without a mom, I felt I had to do something to make a difference. My passion is treasure hunting so I created the book:The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt: Quest for the Golden Eagle, It is kind of an “Amazing Race” that anyone can play from home with a purpose behind it.

Dubbed as the greatest treasure hunt ever, the 12 chapter book, The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt: Quest for the Golden Eagle has received rave reviews. One reader wrote “I’m learning new things, supporting a great cause and involving my kids in a real life treasure hunt. I couldn’t ask for anything more”. Treasure hunters from around the globe are working away to solve the remaining 11 chapters and the $1 million grand prize. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the book go to breast cancer research.

The real Gold Eagle used in the book is an actual 18 pound solid gold and diamond encrusted eagle estimated to be worth $6 million. It has the largest cut emerald from the Atocha Shipwreck known as the “Atocha Star” between its talons and has 763 diamonds encrusting the head. Shore is selling the eagle for $5 million and giving $1 million to the breast cancer charity of the buyers’ choice and $1 million to the winner of the treasure hunt. Shore hopes to sell 1 million copies of the book at $29.95 in an effort to raise $25 million for breast cancer research. More information is available at

The winner of Chapter 1, Roger, will be awarded his prize after he completes a bonus “Amazing Race” like challenge Thursday afternoon by completing various tasks in Seattle. If he completes them within two hours he will be rewarded with an original piece of treasure from the Atocha Shipwreck which sank in 1622, in addition to the prize for solving chapter 1, a solid silver eagle valued at more than $37,000.

Media and others wanting to join Roger are welcome to attend the finish line, as he accepts his prize at Broad Street Green (just west of the entrance to the Seattle Space Needle) at approximately 4:30 pm May 17, 2012.

If you would like to meet Roger and the Author, Ron Shore, you can meet them after the event at the New York Pizza and Bar at 500 Mercer St at 5:30 p.m.


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