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September 2, 1992
Mr. John A. Dureen
Class Act International
1626 Seahouse St.
Sebastina, Fl    32958


Dear John,

Please find enclosed “The Emerald”!  Finished weight is 12.72 carats; a remarkable 49.1 percent recovery from the rough!!  I hope you and the Fishers are as pleased with the cutting of the stone as we are.

The newspaper was here this morning taking pictures and to get “the story”.  I will send you a copy once it is printed.

Just a couple of comments about the stone.  The color is very exceptional for the Muzo deposit.  The blue/green intensity drove everybody here crazy.  The inclusion in the culet actually helps bring some life to the pavilion.  It was oriented just right, so it becomes a more positive attribute than negative.  Also, on one end, right at the girdle is a small diamond shaped ‘facet’.  This is part of the original crystal face of the emerald.  Meg kept this in to insure the stone has a permanent tie to the original crystal.  Maybe this will help to keep the “historical artifact” angle in the lore that this stone will accumulate throughout   history!!

If the stone, which should be ‘named’ , is to be set, I would like to offer the talents and services of our resident designer/goldsmith, Ilka Bahn.  She has over 30 years of experience in creating some of the most outstanding pieces of jewelry we have ever sold.  She can make multiple renderings to help Mrs. Fisher in capturing just “the look” she wants.

In closing John, I would like to thank you for the trust you have imparted to us in allowing us to cut this emerald.  It has truly been an honor to have been involved in the ongoing history of this stone.  If we can be of any further assistant in cutting any more emeralds from this find, we would be delighted to do so.

Most sincerely,

Josh Hall
Vice President

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